The Conceptual Model of the Credit Information Exchange System in Global Terms

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Vladimir Simović
Marko Ranković


In current conditions, there are few rare initiatives regarding credit information exchange outside national borders. All of them have significant disadvantages and can only be applied on a limited number of countries. This paper proposes conceptual model of a credit bureau in global terms which succesfully solves the aforementioned problems and enables efficient credit information exchange in global terms. Our results point to the fact that efficient credit information exchange in global terms is preconditioned by an adequate model of national credit bureau, international standards of credit reporting and unique identification of natural persons and legal entities. The basis of the conceptual model of a system for credit information exchange in global terms is a national credit bureau model which is organized in a manner which enables simple information exchange and distribution of accurate and reliable data to its users. A variation of such model is commercially used by the banking sector in Serbia.

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Part I: Monetary and Credit Policy


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