Comparative Analysis of Tourist Brand of Montenegro and Croatia Perspectives of the Impact on the Economy of the State

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Jovan Rabrenović


The importance of tourism for the economy of a country, from the beginning of the 21st century, is significantly increased in relation to its traditional role as one of the segments of the economy. The speed through which tourism in the world, and therefore in the region, develops and the amount of revenues generated through it makes it the generator of the economic development of a large number of countries. Examples of Montenegro and Croatia, as two comparable systems for the way tourism was experienced and developed in the period of the former Yugoslavia, ie the time when the foundations of the tourism economy of the then republics, and today's sovereign states, as well as strategic approach and target markets, were set up is a comparison of the tourist brands of both countries, with the possibility of precisely determining the revenues realized by the two countries through the tourism sector and their two tourist brands as research purposes. The aim of the research is to determine the differences and similarity of tourist brands of Montenegro and Croatia, through analysis of several indicators, starting from those related to tourism and travel revenues and their impact on GDP, to the effects of the economies of these countries from capital investment and employment. Finally, the main result of the analysis is the confirmation that there is a significant impact of the country's tourist brand on the level of revenue generated by the economies of the analyzed countries. The research has also shown the necessity of further development of the tourist brand Montenegro in the direction of Croatia. Which means an active approach to solving infrastructure problems, greater application of marketing management, synchronization of campaigns with the strategies of developing the national brand of the state and building hotel capacities that meet the standards of the most developed tourism economies in Europe.

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