Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Intentions of Female Undergraduate Students in Bangladesh: A Covariance-Based Structural Equation Modeling Approach

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Md. Mizanur Rahman
Aidin Salamzadeh
Mosab I. Tabash


            Due to the economic and social development, particularly in developing countries through entrepreneurship, Businesses, government organizations, and legislative bodies have all paid particular attention to entrepreneurship development. However, these developments are impossible without strengthening female students’ entrepreneurial intention (EI). As a result, the primary purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of entrepreneurial antecedents on Bangladeshi female undergraduate students’ EI. A well-organized questionnaire was prepared and circulated to responders using the snowball sampling technique to achieve the goal. Finally, 251 female undergraduate students from higher educational institutions were chosen as the sample size. The covariance-based structural equation modelling (CB-SEM) approach has been applied using AMOS software to complete the analysis procedure. The findings revealed that two entrepreneurial antecedents (attitude and subjective norm) have a significant beneficial impact on EI. The study's outcomes indicate that entrepreneurial attitude, and subjective norms, play a vital role for Bangladeshi female students in enhancing their EI.

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Aidin Salamzadeh, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Aidin Salamzadeh is an assistant professor at the University of Tehran and a senior lecturer in GECC (UK). His interests are startups, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Aidin serves as an associate editor for “Revista de Gestão”, “Innovation & Management Review”, “The Bottom Line” (Emerald), “Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review”, and “Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education”. He has published in journals such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Sustainability, Journal of Economic Psychology, International Journal of Management Education, Geoheritage, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, and Journal of Enterprising Communities. Besides, Aidin is a member of the European SPES Forum (Belgium), the Asian Academy of Management (Malaysia), and Ondokuz Mayis University (Turkey). Aidin has co-founded the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Lab (London).