Women Entrepreneurship in Function of Improving Tourist Offer

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Jelena Čeperković
Marija Šiljak
Marijana Đuradjević


The aim of this paper is to try to highlight the importance of women entrepreneurship in function of longer stay of tourists in tourist destinations, that is, to answer the question – to what extent does women entrepreneurship participate in the tourist offer of Serbian tourist destinations? In this paper, we will identify some of the women entrepreneurs that direct their business activities, among other things, towards the tourist market. Also in this paper, we will try to determine the level of engagement of women entrepreneurs in the tourism industry and the ability to focus their activities more on the tourist market. One of the main problems of tourism in Serbia is a modest tourist offer to domestic and especially foreign tourists. This problem is evident on the basis of the number of days that tourists spend in our tourist destinations. The data from the Republic Bureau of Statistics show that tourists stayed in tourist areas by an average of 2.74 days, which is relatively small in comparison with the stay of tourists within the European Union.

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