The Impact of Globalization on Entrepreneurship

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Mirjana Radović-Marković
Zvonko Brnjas
Vladimir Simović


This paper aims to explore the importance of globalization for the development of entrepreneurship. Changes in global business environment require new business strategies. Small business owners are expected to be able to develop the resiliency of their businesses so that they can face severe external conditions. Their sustainability depends on the resilience but also on the perspectives of long-term business operations. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises must demonstrate their ability to anticipate changes in the market, react to them, and initiate them. This implies improvement of basic processes, learning new skills and closer cooperation with external and internal partners. Small enterprises need to redefine their goals and use their resources more effectively as a necessary condition for expanding maneuvering space for growth and for achieving sustainable development. Finally, it is concluded that organizations must establish the right balance between the challenges and benefits of globalization, and the four basic areas for achieving the right balance are adequate cost, human resources and risk management, as well as the formulation of a strategy that follows the requirements of the global market game.


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