Work-related Stressors of Female Teachers During Covid-19 School Closure

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Alexander Loziak
Denisa Fedáková
Radka Čopková


In Slovakia, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in the educational sector lasted for three months and caused unexpected changes with demands on pupils and their parents, students and teachers. The global school closure at all educational levels occurred suddenly and caught the school system and its actors unprepared. Teachers were forced to quickly adapt to the “new” work approach with minimal and/or confusing directions. Female teachers who predominate at primary schools in Slovakia, around 90%, faced even greater challenge and experienced stress, as many of them simultaneously took care of their own children and households. The aim of the presented paper is an examination of stress level that primary school female teachers experienced during the schools´ lockdown period. Two measures of stress were used: Teacher stressor questionnaire (Clipa, Boghean, 2015) and the Perceived stress scale (Cohen, Kamarck & Mermelstein, 1983). Additionally, an open question was added to learn about the teachers´ subjective perception of work pressure caused by the lockdown. The research sample consisted of 103 female primary school teachers (47 at the first primary education stage, 56 at the second primary education stage). Data were collected online in April 2020, with teachers being invited to participate via teachers´ online forums.

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